Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Liesing, Lesachtal, Austria

So I'm in the Alps.

That's the view from my balcony. Across those mountains is Italy.

That's to the left. Also,

The balcony where we can eat breakfast, etc. We (my teacher, other teachers and a couple other singers and I) are in the largest house in town run by a very nice Russian couple. I keep forgetting to ask the host if he speaks French as I have no German and he speaks great German and no English. We have people here that speak very well though so no problem. :)

I keep forgetting to take pictures of people because it's so freakin' pretty here. It's like living next to or in Yellowstone Canyon. Grandiose, huge, whoa. All the time. I was going to load pictures from Munich and my tiny cute room in the upper floor of the Gasthaus (guesthouse, more like a bed and breakfast) there but this place is so much prettier. Hard to compare. The people I forget to take pictures of though are really nice and all dedicated musicians, so the companionship is lovely. 

Two longs days of traveling (6 hour bus ride in the rain last night anyone?) has caught up with me and I hope my voice will be better and easier tomorrow. Exercise will make it easier and sleeping earlier will as well. Gute Nacht and I'll catch up later friends!

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