Sunday, July 22, 2012

End of stay in Den Haag and nighttime Brussels

I'm terrible at blogging.

I forget to do this and three days go by- too much time having fun with actual people instead of the computer. There was an epic dinner cooked by yours truly on Thursday night out in the chi-chi suburbs   and of course the boys' concert on Friday night, but Kyle has those pics because I was busy cooking/bossing around or having fun at the dinner. I made some wonderful new friends through Kyle and Mic and even got to visit with the matriarch, Omeka Kleykamp. I know I spelled that wrong.

In the meantime here are some pics.

Our beautiful friend Sophie (a pic from a couple years ago- but a fav)

St. Katrijn/Sainte-Catherine, the church of the square Sophie lives near. Lovely neighborhood. 

Okay the Flemish roof line isn't so obvious here, but there are parts of Brussels that is so much nicer at night. 

The Beguinage/Cloisters, very Baroque. 

Side of Ste. Catherine on the Quai, seafood restos galore. 


The fab wine that we drank while having a music exchange at midnight. 

Sophie's building stairwell. I have a thing for staircases. 

Et vous aussi, monsieur. 

Smiling at me. 

Another one, really?

My favorite flowers followed me to Brussels. 

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